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Sunday, 7 September 2008

Serena wins third US Open title

Serena 26 overcame Serbia's Jelena Jankovic to win her 3rd US Open and regain her number one world ranking. The 6-4, 7-5 win was ther ninth Grand Slam title.

Serena Quotes:
"This was magical," she said. "It was everything coming together like magic.
"I wasn't even going for number one and it's just like an added bonus. It is that special because I've been working so hard."

"It doesn't stop here," she said. "I feel so young and so energised every week. It feels like I am having a new career."

"Each one (US Open title) means a lot ," she said. "The 1999 one was special because I knew I was going to win it. I just felt it.
"I wanted it so bad in 1999. It was my first Grand Slam so no one can take that away. I won doubles that year too."

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